Server Installation and Configuration

We provide optimum enterprise networks and servers for all clients.

Server configuration
At N2Tech, our proficient tech team configures your servers and saves valuable time on-site. We customize and set the hardware up according to your specifications and requirements and test all installed components for protection against DOAs before shipment.

Installation of Server
N2Tech offers a complete installation service beyond the standard installation services provided by our competitors. We carefully identify the unique needs of your business and translate those into an installation checklist catered to your needs. We go out of our way to deliver a complete solution for your problems through all the hardware and software you require to be supplied, installed, and configured.

When a business plans to shift to white box servers, individuals face a misconception that the same tools will not be accessible, or in the same quality as required, as accustomed to in their current systems. Manufacturers of white box servers offer the same remote hardware features as elsewhere.

This White Paper and Vodcast give essential data to the individuals who are confused about the ability to handle white box servers when moving from traditional legacy servers. However, the conventional legacy server manufacturers cleared a path for server management through the BMC and associated software. The expense of these features in current servers is growing while white-box manufacturers are offering the same functions with no extra charge. It is critical to dismiss the idea that the current generation of white box servers does not provide the same manageability as traditional brand-name legacy server manufacturers.