Our Solutions

We’re the partner you can trust to find unique networking and telecommunication solutions that let you free up your time and ensure growth is always a part of your future.

Enterprise Networking

Your network acts as a critical enabler to the well-being of your business; it is always in need of attention to ensure it is running optimally, predictably and securely.
Our expert engineers will remotely manage and support your network. We provide all of the benefits of a highly skilled, internal engineering department for a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself. Our team reduces the business impact of IT failures by reducing their occurrence, and any unforeseen problems are made a top priority to deal with. Every aspect of your network is covered: security, data protection applications and hardware.
The detailed system audits, reports and disaster recovery tools provided by N2Tech will address the major areas of communications management, including Configuration, Inventory, Performance, Backup and Security.
Our team provides you with the data you need to make faster, smarter business decisions and manage your infrastructure with data intelligence you have never seen before.

Our targeted solutions include:

  • WAN Optimization and Visibility maximize data flow efficiency by providing application performance management as well as network traffic visibility and control
  • LAN/WAN solutions for routing, switching, load balancing and DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) technologies provide the foundation for today’s networks
  • Firewall Management technologies provide management and support of network perimeter security devices and web application

Wireless Networking

Ensuring security and reliability is what wireless is all about. With advanced wireless options from N2Tech, your business can enjoy hassle-free WiFi indoors and out. Our Certified Wireless Experts specialize in cloud-managed multi-node wireless networks, meaning we can cover small or large areas with reliable WiFi.

Data Center

At N2Tech we understand that there is more to agility than mere speed. While one needs the freedom to innovate rapidly, they also need to make sure that their governance framework and compliance requirements are not compromised in the process. This stands critically true in the case of the data centre, which is the reason we place so much emphasis on making sure that our services provide a perfect fit within the context of your overall cloud journey.

If you want to optimize the efficiency of your existing infrastructure or aim to completely outsource the management of your IT systems, our data centre services are designed to augment your in-house expertise. Whatever the scope of service you require, we are perfectly equipped to deliver the efficiencies you require, while assuring we meet all your requirements for compliance, security and performance needs.

Managed Services

The N2Tech team will base its solution recommendations on what you need, not just try to sell you technology unlike most of its competitors in the industry. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the approach we take to developing your solution. We align our partner resources with your needs, turning our initial presentations into long-term customers.

N2Tech believes that giving people the right support and tools is the best way to help them do their jobs. We monitor, advise, support and keep your important data backed up and secure. Our team also manages your service vendors. All of this so you can focus on what really matters.

What we offer:

  • Network Security
  • Server Administration
  • Network Design
  • Help Desk
  • PCI Compliance

Server Installation and Configuration

Server configuration

Our expert tech team configure your server, so it comes fully assembled, ready to come out of the box saving valuable time on-site. Our team will customize and set the hardware up according to your specification and test all installed components before shipment to protect against DOAs.

Server installation

N2Tech offers a complete installation service going way beyond the standard installation services touted by our competitors. We will assess your unique business requirements and translate these into an installation checklist catered to your needs. We ensure we can deliver a complete solution with all the hardware and software you need to be supplied, installed and configured.
When an organization considers moving to white box servers, people have a misconception that the same tools are not available, or the required quality, as what they are used to in their current systems. White box server manufacturers offer the same remote hardware management features as anywhere else.

This White Paper and Vodcast provide important information to those who are worried about the ability to manage white box servers when moving from traditional legacy servers. However, the conventional legacy server manufacturers initially made way for server management through the BMC and associated software, the cost of these features in current servers is on the rise, while white box manufacturers are offering the same features with no additional charge. It is important to dismiss the myth that the current generation of white box servers does not offer the same manageability as traditional brand-name legacy server manufacturers.


Computer problems happen, there is no denial to that. How much they cost regarding business or lost revenues, personal downtime, negative client relations, and personal enjoyment can be minimized by an efficient, fast, professional response. N2Tech provides these services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.
Not all small businesses can afford the luxury of having a dedicated IT staff, and even large businesses find great cost efficiencies in outsourcing their IT support. Contact us today to learn more about N2Tech’s service agreement plans that will keep your IT infrastructure working for you, and not another way around.
Whether your needs are advances, basic or intermediate; at school, home or at work; N2Tech has the ability to solve your problems efficiently and quickly, and all at very reasonable rates.
We understand that computer issues can be frightening and confusing and we always do our best to make the process of recovery as informed, simple and as convenient as possible.
N2Tech’s Hardware team is committed to providing maximum uptime and helping customers to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO) by recommending and delivering sound hardware solutions, starting from procurement, through to implementation, with ongoing maintenance and support. Having this objective in mind, we consistently research our vast install base and determine the ideal platform to help N2Tech’s clients maximize the return on their hardware investment.
N2Tech will help your organization determine and size up the right solution that makes sense when combining budget and performance, providing a cost-effective hardware solution that fits your organizational needs. We help you build a well-defined service model to ensure your project is a success.


News Flash: Your computer’s health is very much like your health.
That is right; you need to treat your computer’s health like yours because your computer, just like the human body, is a finely tuned system that needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. With time, old files build up on your hard drive and all the removal and addition of software leaves behind quite a mess. These factors play a major role in reducing the efficiency of your computer – which means you do not get the performance you deserve. Our computer optimization service, PC Health Check, includes system tweaks that will reduce your computer’s start-up time, delete unwanted files and remove unnecessary background processes. Additionally, N2Tech technical specialists can bring your system up to speed with the most recent updates to guard against security threats.


N2TECH, coupled with robust performances we provide reliable stability and flexibility in our networking services. Our objective is to deliver simple yet consistent solutions which are flexible and can be molded as per client requirements. We deliver secure and scalable IP network that can be custom-made based on the varying business needs.
We understand technology needs to be endorsed by an expert integration service followed by a winning strategy. This is the reason we have come up with our comprehensive services to help our customers achieve their goals. N2Tech’s networking solutions are lucrative enough and can be tailored to suit individual corporate requirements.

Our solutions include:

  1. IP Telephony
  2. Wireless LAN solutions
  3. Network Security Solutions and VPN
  4. Network Planning
  5. Configuring Gateways

Let us refresh your business with the latest technology solutions thereby enhancing your customer experience. Our focus is to help you drive powerful business results and help solve business challenges at hand. Optimizing business performance, streamlining the needs and transforming the way to work is what we aim at.